Kid Playing with Wooden Toys


Uniqueness and Respect

Values of our school are the ones conveyed by the Montessori philosophy: respecting each child and the various stages of his development, encouraging the children to make their own experiments, awakening their thirst to learn and desire to undertake, encouraging behaviours of mutual aid and learning of respect for others…
Our objective is not necessarily to apply a strict program, but rather to open up a space for children to grow and discover the world individually. The added value of a bilingual team is to provide an open environment, with a daily immersion in a foreign language through all of our activities.
We offer children with a unique experience, that reinforces their self-confidence and creativity thanks to our courses, classes, activities and learning.
Since 2018, our Villa Montessori - International Preschool in Herzliya Pituach has been committed to ensure a happy and harmonious development of the children, to the best of their possibilities and desires, in a respectful, fulfilling, international environment and within a bilingual system.
Our preschool also offers parents Montessori workshops for their children, to place them in individual situations to pursue their discovery of the world, while manipulating the Montessori equipment.