This Gan is amazing for children, my daughter is so happy there!

After 2 years at Villa Montessori, I can highly recommend it. The team is great and treats the children with a lot of respect and love. Daniel is super happy to go there. Thank you! And I recommend.

My friends in Israel know how long and meticulously I was choosing the kindergarten for my youngest. I almost let it go and then suddenly I found one small hope on the vast of facebook. Villa Montessori is about to open! My happiness started with acquaintances with very professional and responsive teaching and administrative staff. The approach to children, clean and beautiful space near the sea, the amount of developing toys made their job-we got in!
I already regret that we grew up so quickly and we have to leave. But these are the first good memories which set the good and right start in our daughters educational life! Thank you all, Villa Montessori’s team! 🌹❤️🌹we will never forget you!

I cannot say enough things about this gan. My daughter attends Villa Montessori and we are extremely happy with our decision. On my first visit, I knew this was the place for my baby. Everything is always extremely clean and organized. The teachers are so warm and caring, they truly love the children and the children feel at home. A great learning environment where your children will have the best Montessori education and foundation for the future!
Thank you Villa Montessori.❤️❤️❤️

A paradise for children and adults!!! 
For Shilo it was first to be acquainted to community life before school, a way to socialise. We were happily surprised to find a team as professional and warm and Shilo blossomed, learnt and enjoyed!!!

Another advantage: the premises are safe, hygiene is perfect and the food is healthy and balanced... enough to calm the most anxious! 
The staff becomes a second family, is competent, well trained, numerous and there only to help your children grow!
The children activities are various!!!
Thank you for everything and long life Villa Montessori 💕

This is such a wonderful gan, my son is there and we really enjoy : he’s going with smile and happiness every day to the gan, the staff is really lovely and professional , they give to the kids so much love and we can feel it, the place is so clean. Really a big pleasure , highly recommend it 👍👍

My daughter attends the Villa Montessori and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. The place is beautiful with everything children need in order to learn, acquire new skills and simply have fun. If you are looking for a Montessori kindergarten this is the place for you. Highly recommend!

Warm teachers, nice friends, delicious food and a lovely garden. Everything is perfect at Villa Montessori. Our daughter and son really love going to the gan. We are honored that our children have been in Villa Montessori for the first time they were connected to society. Thank you very much!

Wonderful very welcoming school, very clean, with large space for quality learning I highly recommend !!

I highly recommend this school, because the children develop on many different levels: by learning different languages (Hebrew/English) perfectly mastered and understood, motricity, my son less than 2 years old is becoming more independent in daily tasks. This school has a strong family spirit where each child finds its place and blossoms. The staff is loving and gives all necessary attention and care to each child. The preschool puts high emphasis on hygiene and health, which is very reassuring.
I am very satisfied to have sent my son to this school known for its application of the Montessori method which advocates for the child’s development.

My son is in Villa Montessori for the second year, and there is nothing more reassuring than seeing your son go to pre-school with a smile, and happy to see his teachers !
The place is always perfect ! Shiny and clean ! And the Ganenet just giving a lot of love and amazing learning to the kids !!!
I will for sure and for many other goods reasons recommend Villa Montessori !

Highly recommended. Very warm hearted, attentive, loving and caring team. Good and clean facilities. Wonderful activities. Own kitchen. And a wonderful spirit, which all made a great time here. Thank you, our fiends.

Best best gan ever ! My daughter just finished her first year there, I can’t be happier. Every day she wakes up asking to go to gan and literally doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day. Kevin and the teachers care so much about each child as if they were their own! My daughter has excelled so much during her year there. I think the pictures speak for themselves but the gan is spotless, the food is 5 stars and the classes are extremely hands on. She will be returning September with my son and I can’t wait ! Thank you Villa Montessori